Bagheri Hair

Based in Florida (USA) Edmary came to me wanting to expand into a new business with a range of organic beauty products starting with shampoo. She is passionate about transforming the environment and wanted to create a product that would your hair and the earth would love.

Create a brand identity that would reflect the target audience and align with her values.


We went for the minimal approach as we didn’t want to come off as to young as children shampoo but something modern and timeless. 

Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Brand strategy, Social Media Design, Packaging Design




Above are three stylesscapes that where developed as part of the strategy to guide the visual design of bagheir hair logo and label. We wanted to keep feminine to appeal to the younger audience but also staying on the path of minimal.


After the visual style was chosen I carried on with sketches for the logo design. My approach was to create a simple timeless mark that can adapt to social media and be used on the label.

Final Logo Design

This is the final logo design above, minimal, timeless and modern.

Packaging Label Design

A minimal label that clearly communicates the benefits and features of the new product range. 

We at Bagheri Hair could not be more pleased and delighted with the professionalism and services Jeremy has provided. Jeremy was very thorough and helpful from our first initial conference and helped steer us in the right direction with our logo representation. He listened to what we wanted while providing his professional input and was extremely attentive through the entire process. 

Edmary Bagheri

Bagheri Hair

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