Craft Whisky Society

Is a brand new business that is launching a subscription service that sources high quality whiskly from around the world and delivers them straight to cunsumers.

Design a logo that aligns with the target of middle-aged men who earn higher than average salaries and typically have small families. As well as stand out from the competitors in the market.


We went for the minimal approach as we didn’t want to come off as to young as children shampoo but something modern and timeless.

Accessible, premium and a modern was the feel for the badge design with bold type united together in one circular shape. 

Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Brand strategy, Social Media Design, Packaging Design



Competitor Audit

One of the first things was to do a competitor audit so we can clearly see the competition. Our goal of the logo was to differiantiate from these competitors as there is many already this space.

“Working with Jeremy at Mura Design Co was a breeze. From the initial briefing call through to the final delivery of a range of files, the process was easy and the output was first class”

Steven Peters

Co Founder, Craft Whisky Society